Who is Marthyn Jovanovic and why should I listen to him?

Marthyn Jovanovic is the founder of the Drum-Technique Academy, which focuses on teaching drumming techniques in an easy-to-follow, clearly defined way.

In 2009, after only 4 years of consistent drum kit practice, he joined the Austrian metal line-up BELPHEGOR as their new session drummer.
From 2009 till 2015 he played several world tours with Belphegor which included tours in Europe, USA, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and Japan.
His work with Belphegor includes the albums „Blood Magick Necromance“ in 2011 and „Conjuring the Dead“ in 2014.
Besides his busy touring and recording schedule he began studying drums at the VIENNA MUSIC INSTITUTE in fall 2011, where he graduated with honours on July 1st 2015.
His approach to teaching double bass drumming has revolutionized the way drummers approach their bass drum pedals. His step-by-step blueprint described in Bass Drum Mastery has helped more than 10.000 students worldwide to drastically increase their skillset.