About us

For eight years, we've been perfecting the art of "Drum Technique Mastery".
Here you'll learn: Who we help, what we do and all about our philosophy.

Who we help

We help drummers to quickly develop the technical skills necessary to play along to their favorite songs and shine at band rehearsals and live gigs. We only work with drummers, who are serious about improving their current skillset, that own a double bass pedal (or two single bass drum pedals) and are willing to follow our guidelines, programs and workout videos.

Our philosphy

At the Drum Technique Academy we strive for the perfect balance between detailed technique tutorials, short workout routines and personalized coaching and feedback. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on six core principles:

1. Results - student results are the main thing.
2. Focus - clear guidelines on what to practice.
3. Simplicity - do more with less.
4. Discipline - freedom comes from discipline.
5. Improvement - get better on a weekly basis.
6. Joy - if it's not fun, you are doing it wrong.

Contacting us


The best way to contact us is via email - [email protected]

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