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Have you tried different hand and foot techniques, but none of them really got you the expected results?

Learning a new technique can be difficult - that's why we focus on developing each motion by constant repetition.
Internalizing the right motion through constant repetition is the key to success.

Teaching + Coaching

Teaching: Our tutorial videos are the starting point to take your game behind the drum-kit on to the next level.
Coaching: To ensure that each student is progressing constantly with our tutorials, we are coaching you in our Community Forum.

What makes this online platform so different from other learning programs or drum DVDs?

NO online drumming course out on the market teaches you step-by-step how to develop the muscle groups necessary, how to develop muscle control and so on...

The great news is that once you master the fundamentals of drumming YOU can play whatever comes to mind.

Have you spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials or drum DVDs without significantly improving your technique and getting the fundamentals down?

At the Drum-Technique Academy we focus on the most productive way of getting better: Deliberate Practice. Every necessary movement and every necessary technique will be developed by constant repetition, which enables you to improve way faster.


Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get As

Member Of The "Drum-Technique Academy"

28 Days Double Bass Drumming Challenge by Marthyn Jovanovic - $497 Value

All of Marthyn's knowledge compressed in this 28 day challenge - no fluff! This is the ultimate, foolproof double bass blueprint. 

  • Easy muscle development training system to practice even without pedals
  • Short beginner pedal workouts starting at 70 Bpm
  • Combining both feet
  • Motion development workouts with and without pedals
  • Seat height and pedal settings
  • Uptempo pedal settings guide

4 Weeks To 340 Bpm Hand Technique Challenge by Riccardo Merlini - $497 Value

Learn Riccardo's groundbreaking technique which will enable you to play at slow-, mid and up-tempos (up to 340 Bpm) with ease!

  • Full technique explanation
  • Bare Hands Practice Routines (you can do anywhere)
  • Workouts starting at 70 Bpm up to 340 Bpm
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced drummers
  • "The Cigar" Grip Tutorial
  • 5 Minute Speed Workouts

Fundamentals - Master The Essentials - Video Package - $197 Value

Clearly structured tutorials about each hand- and foot-technique

  • Basic overview of each technique
  • Muscle involvment
  • Beginner practicing guidelines
  • Strength and weakness analysis
  • Troubleshooting

Community Forum and personal feedback/coaching by Marthyn - $197 Value

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" - Henry Ford

  • Share your progress in our community forum
  • Get personal feedback by Marthyn Jovanovic
  • See how others have mastered our challenges
  • Discuss drum-related topics with likeminded people

Daily Workout Section - $197 Value

Short, high intensitiy workout routines to challenge yourself constantly

  • Hand Technique Workouts
  • Foot Technique Workouts
  • Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

Complete Lesson Library - $497 Value

Right after you sign up you'll get access to our complete lesson library (+80 lessons).

This includes tutorials by:
Nils Fjellström, David Diepold, Ken Bedene, Kevin Paradis, Simon Schilling, Derek Roddy, Dan Presland, Dave McGraw, Lille Gruber, Eugene Ryabchenko, Sebastian Lanser, Florian Klein and many others.


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Give me instant access to all those lessons!


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