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Most Drummers Are Wasting Years To Finally Master Double Bass Drumming

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Improve by following the MED principle. You just have to practice 3 times per week to get results with this system.

Store the right motion to your muscle memory by following our 30 minute double bass workout routines

Use these skills right away to play along to your favorite songs, shine at band rehearsals and live on stage

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We ONLY Work With Drummers Who Are Commited To Practicing 3 Times Per Week And Are Willing To Follow The Guidelines Provided.

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How Does It Work?  

Step 1

Start by watching our step-by-step tutorials to understand how double bass drumming works exactly. We cover muscle groups, techniques and how to store the right motion to your muscle memory quickly!

Step 2

Practice 3 times per week following our workout routines. Every workout is delivered in video form. So all you have to do is get your pedals, press play and start practicing.

Step 3

Receive weekly feedback on your progress. You will know exactly what to focus on next and how to improve as quickly as possible. This is when practicing becomes fun again!

Find out why our TBW practice system is referred to as the "hidden secret" of the drumming industry.

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Learn How Our Average Students Learn To Play +180 Bpm For Long Periods Of Time Within The First 90 Days Following Our System:

Results you'll see:

  • Wen Rui: Relaxed at 220 Bpm
  • Warren: 200 Bpm for one minute straight
  • Martin: Extremely powerful single strokes at 180 Bpm
  • And many more...

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About Your Drumming Coach 
Marthyn Jovanovic

  • Toured worldwide with the Austrian metal band Belphegor from 2009 until 2015.
  • Studied drums at the Vienna Music Institute and graduated with honours on July 1st 2015.
  • Coached more than 1800 drummers personally.
  • First drummer to teach the ankle technique in his first online course "Bass Drum Mastery".
  • His approach to teaching double bass drumming has revolutionized the way drummers approach their bass drum pedals.
  • His step-by-step blueprint described in his "28 Days Double Bass Drumming Challenge" has helped more than 14.000 students worldwide to drastically increase their bass drum control, speed and endurance.

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Gain The Ultimate Double Bass Drumming Advantage

Playing tight single stroke double bass at various tempos with ease, is an important drumming skill.

We have cracked the code and are able to offer it so cost-effectively that we have yet to find a drum instructor who has beat our price on the same deliverables when attempting to get results for their students.

When you follow the guidelines, you'll get results.

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