After months (or even years) of practicing, have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself: Wow, I thought I'd be further ahead by now?!

Who it's for

The Drum Technique Academy program is for you if you've been playing drums for at least 6 months and are still struggling with:

  • Controlling your bass drum pedals at slow-, mid- and up-tempos
  • Increasing your hand speed and endurance
  • Staying balanced when playing double bass
  • Getting your weak foot up to speed
  • Transferring your musical ideas to the drumkit
  • Expressing yourself freely on the drums

What members are saying


How it works

After joining the Academy you will get access to our step-by-step lesson and coaching system which allows you to practice at your own pace, all while receiving constant personal feedback on your progress.

Our program is based on the following pillars:

  • Technique Fundamentals: Learn how each technique works, which muscle groups you have to use and how to train them.
  • Technique Challenges: Easy to follow hand and foot technique challenges to drastically improve your drumming skills.
  • Workouts: Short, follow along workout routines which you can easily integrate into your everyday life.
  • Personal Coaching and Feedback: Get personal feedback and guidance on what to do next while you follow our program.
  • Motivation: Earn achievement badges by mastering certain techniques and demonstrating them in our community forum.
  • Community: Interact with other students who have similar goals and share the same passion for drumming.
  • Accountability: Weekly & Monthly email reminders to make sure you stay on track with your goals.

How to get started

Schedule a demo call using the calendar below and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if the Drum Technique Academy program is a good fit for you. If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Students are selected based on the quality of their application/interview and application date.